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i got a new shirt yesterday. from j. crew. i love it alot. it was first spotted on a retro rack. i walked cautiously over to it, unsure if it was really ugly, or really beautiful. so i picked it up and showed it to my mom. she had the same response as me. "um, i think it's cute. try it on." so i did. it looked cool. i liked it. so i bought it. $15 marked down from some outrageous j. crew price. i dont think i would have bought it if it was more than that. anyway, here is what it looks like: it has red, yellow, orange and teal horizontal strypes. they are all uneven, not all the same size. it is mae of a really soft material. i dont know what. 80% cotton, 20% polyester. i usually never buy something wild like that, but hey, you gotta live on the edge sometimes.