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I have discovered the art of gardening. Really. Today, after sitting inside staring at this monitor all day, i decided to get some fresh air. So i explored the depths of Behind the Garage! We have some flower pots and stuff that we just threw there when we painted the house. Over the years, they grew some pretty wild stuff. Like a huge (well, 4 ft. high) maple tree. So i dragged some pot out, and replanted some ones that looked as though they were suffocating. There. That gives me some satisfaction. And I re-discovered the joy of feeling a worm's slimy smooth cool skin against your own. I had fun. Now i can actually watch the trees grow, and maybe plant them when they get bigger. There is this one plant that i dont know what it is, it is different from all the rest. One bad thing: my hands got really cold. Oh well, wear gloves next time!!!