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i am weird. i will straight-foreward admit it. i have an obsession with little plastic trinkets. you know what i am talking about. yes. those toys that come free with a high-in-sugar-and-frucose cereal or with a McDonalds meal. the more "action" the better. they keep me so entertained while waiting at the bus stop. or in math class. or in line at the A&P. or at my grandmother's house. or at church. my most recent one is named gilbert, after the movie, "whats eating gilbert grape." he looks like a grape. amy helped me name him. she's good at stuff like that. everything of hers is named. heh. anyway, here is his wonderful action: his head moves up and down like he is eating. a couple days ago, ross fed him granola while joe laughed. he takes a harsh beating. the paint on his teeth is starting to wear off. but see, the down side is, you have to manually grab his jaw and pull it up an down. there is no easy button you can push. nope. piff. my mom gave him to me. who knows where she got it. moms are weird. a few more of my other favourite toys are: a purple watch that has a secret compartment behind the face. it doesnt really work, but you can move the hands around, and at least it will be right twice a day. it doesnt even fit my wrist, and i have skinny wrists. another is a "magic fortune-telling ball" that i got in cinnimon toast crunch. you put together this little cardboard cube that has different versions of yes and no on it. then you put it in this purple (again!) ball and shake it. through the top, you can see the answer. kinda like magic 8 ball v. 4.0 heh.