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the best part of school. flex. the time where i can rush to my flex teacher, get my pass signed, and enter heaven. well, not exactly heaven. i am talking about the project room. the project room is only for those intelligent and fortunate enough to be in project exploration, a class for the gifted. at flex, those enrolled in the program get to get out of their flex class with their teachers permission, and come socialize, do homework, eat lunch, sleep, or any other activity. its is the best part of the day. i get to see my friends in other grades, or in other houses. there are different groups of people that come to the room. there are the magic freeks. these are the kids that play magic, trade cards, or do anything else that has to do with the game. these people are: dan, josh, matt, sam, joe, david, greg, and some other people. then there is my favourite gang of giggling girls. these are: nicole, kate, elaine and katie. they giggle alot. they shreek. they cause trouble. i love them. last but not least, there are the geeks. these are: nate (the one who walks around all the time muttering to himself, "welcome to hell."), harry, and adam, and another occasional drifter. we barely notice them, but the room wouldnt be the same without them. they are the ones that take up computer time to play Civilization, Colonization, Caesar, and any other CD rom game that takes away our music that we listen to. here are some project room pastimes:
cult games- we played elizabeth once. its a fun game where you bring out a persons inner thoughts and unconscience self, according to nate. you rub their temples and say some stuff. its fun. but it got banned when some mother (anonymous) called in an requested that their child not play that game anymore. poop.
syntax error conversation- this is where we turn on these old (and i mean old) apples and just type away at the commands. anything you say the computer will enter: SYNTAX ERROR. its like "bad command or filename" in DOS.
kemp, or spoons- a fun card game. played with a partner, dont want to get into details. causes hysterics.
Guesstures- A game thats like cherade that also causes hysterics. You have to act out words, sometimes obscene, like "stripper," or "bra." its really fun. hilarious.
eaing cup-a-soup ramen or cocoa- luckily, ms. weisbein, the person who makes this dream come true alive (more on her later) has a hot pot, something that can heat up water. we eat it in the winter, and its a life saver if you are hungry. people buy boxes of cocoa in and sell seperate packs for 10 cents.
playing with the hot glue gun- ask seamus or tom. it hurts. making abstract creations with this stuff is fun.
and now, about the wonderful teacher who keeps this heaven/hell room ope, Ms. Weisbein! she puts up with our nirvana CDs, our lunch messes, and our bickering and screams. she cuts out planet lunch points for us, rinses out our dirty tupperware and mugs, and does it all with patience and style. we owe it all to you, ms. weisbein. thank you. without you, we woul dshrivel up like raisins in the wasteland that is the cafeteria. we would be bored out of our minds in our flex classes. thank you again, ms. weisbein.