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some tidbits to keep you entertained. mail me about them if you want to comment. hehe.
•you can tell alot about people by watching what they get at the grocery store. when i am waiting in line, i find it frightfully amusing to see what people are buying and analyzing their personalities by my gathered information.
•bubbles are very relaxing. its fun to just go to the store, buy a little pink bottle of 'em (i prefer the Jack and Jill brand. but i have always wondered why they only have a picture of jack on it, not jill.) and blow away. but today, i went too far. i almost hyperventilated. hehe. coloring is also very relaxing.
•i read an article in the newspaper about doodling. i read that doodling actually helps people listen. thats why we do it in class (*ahem* teachers) and why people do it on the phone.
•you can spell the word "fish" g-h-o-t-i. the gh for the f sound comes from enough. the o for the i sound comes from women. the ti for the sh sound comes from emotion. pretty neat, huh? my daddy taught me that.
•squirrel nut zippers is a candy. thats where the band got their name. they are really good. its like caramel with peanuts in it. they are 5 cents at morans. so go get one!
•i am so excited. i got some mailman pants (according to nicotine). they're cool, she gave 'em to me. i love you.