sometimes i think. i get lost and wander till my feet hurt in the deepest forest of my mind. i awake and am depressed that i'm not there anymore. then i realize that while i was thinking i was staring off and other people are looking at me like i am going to suck their blood. which is probably true. so i wander off again and fine some things back there, where i thought was just empty is now filled to the brim with more thoughts that have yet to be thought. and then you lose control of your senses and you start giggling uncontrolably and they are looking at you and whispering and you think this is the most hilarious thing you have ever seen. so you look them in the eyes and read their minds and see their feeling and worries and dreams and think to yourself, "i am glad i dont hide like them. everything is out in the open again." and your mouth is getting edgy so it bursts and you babble and say stuff that doesnt make sense to them but it does to you, do you start laughing again. and then you wait for an answer but they are too wrapped up in their own masked thoughts to notice the slow smile spread across your face and the tears run down your cheeks and the choked little noises you make. you stare at them like a spectacle and think, "they are all sane. i wonder why there isnt a special house for all the sane people. because all the ones who are not sane know everything down to what kind of underwear you wear." when one attempts to look you in the eye, feigning honesty. yours is so pure and true and raw and scary and beautiful it forces them to look away. and you laugh again, wondering why they cant just see things for what they are. the thoughts are piling up again, they are drowning you, killing you. the more you struggle, the more you die. so you just submit yourself to the thoughts and wander off again. and get lost.
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