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story for you. it's not mine. i got it off of fireland. its a great place.
Anna had her book of numbers that was going to cause the collapse of the modern world. She had to fervently believe in that. She'd been collecting numbers since she was little, finding them wherever she went and jotting them in the tiny blank book she found in her mother's closet. On its cover were three clouds and a beam of light. On Anna's sixteenth birthday she filled in the last page with as much of pi as could fit. She taped the book shut and carried it with her wherever she went. She knew it was just a book of numbers, but she could easily imagine it causing severe consternation among outsiders. What do these numbers mean? they would ask, studying it night after night, subjecting it to the harshest of cryptography and mathematical tests. What has this girl discovered? What is the pattern? What does it mean? Why is it stronger than us? And Anna would laugh and laugh when that day came, when they opened her little book. One by one they would topple until she was alone and triumphant.